The Cruz Family Talks About Their Amazing My Parks Pass Ultimate Family Adventure Experience!


The views in this opinion piece and post do not necessarily reflect the views of Nature Canada. The views and opinions in this piece are solely the opinions of the Cruz Family.


From the nation’s vast and majestic parks and forests to its magnificent and jaw-dropping creations of God, Canada and its people offer a plethora of stories and legends.  Its history is like twine that is tangled and knotted. Even historians and patriots alike are trapped and confused by the complexity and mysteriousness of the great nation’s past. A simple textbook only contains a small portion of the history of Canada. But, as we toured along the great forts of old and the megacities that stood proud today, we are filled with more knowledge about this blessed land. The nation itself is great but its history is even greater.

The War of 1812, 200 years from today, is one of the jewels of the past of Canada. It may seem peculiar and rather a childish fight between a British colony and the Americans, but really it’s not. My Parks Pass Ultimate Family Vacation Package helped us really understand the true Canada by taking us to the battlefields and forts of the war. Even better is that it helped us understand what it really means to be a proud Canadian. This experience cannot compare to that of listening to a teacher in a room only filled with posters about it. This is the proof that it actually happened, not the words of a teacher.

As new immigrants we expect Canada to be another American kind of country filled with many skyscrapers, big towers, and lots of other urban stuff. But, this trip enabled us to see why that expectation was wrong and is better left unuttered. The War of 1812 is the reason why Canada is not like America today. From the forts we visited as of now, I could safely say that Canada doesn’t want to be colonized by another country again.  Canada wants to be free and treated like any other nation. This is the lesson we got by visiting Fort Eerie and Chippewa Battlefield. As the “red coats” fought valiantly against invading Americans, they are determined to keep and stay on the land no matter what the cost is. This shows true courage and creates pride to take part in this great remembrance day of the war.

I would like to thank Parks Canada for arranging such a wonderful trip to witness the great fields where soldiers of old fought to keep the land. It has greatly changed my way of seeing Canada as a nation and its people. The ethnicity that makes up this nation today does not matter; it is our common bond of building a greater nation that really matters. However, this bond can only come into fruition if we learn to look back and be taught by the ancestors of Canada. The War of 1812 concluded 200 years ago but we are still on a war. It is not against Americans, but against greed, hatred, and pride. If we learn how to humble ourselves and work with one another, we would not only make a better nation; we would make a better example for the world to imitate and learn from. Just like what the hymn writer wrote, “With glowing hearts we see thee rise / The True North strong and free / … / O Canada, we’ll stand on guard for thee.” We should learn how to love our nation and be proud of it no matter what troubles it faces today.