Engage your potential supporters and voters

Hey Canada’s Coolest School Trip contest participants! Are you eager to show Canada the positive change you’ve been busy spreading in your communities? To help you think of ideas to promote your entry within your community for votes, we have put together some examples of activities to engage your potential supporters and voters! Remember, these are only suggestions and if you have another idea in mind, go for it! Be creative and have fun!

Social Media

This is a great platform to communicate with members of your school or community. Try asking your teacher to set up your class’ Canada’s Coolest School Trip contest Stewardship Activity Page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube and post the highlights of your contest journey. You can also reach out to family and friends to share the news of your entry on their social media pages. Remember let everyone know important details about the voting period (March 5 to 21) and provide links to the website!

Local Media Reach out to local radio hosts or television shows in your town and tell them about your contest story. Hearing about positive change spearheaded by youth is something people always want to hear about!

School Presentation or Activity

Let your school know about all the great things you’ve done for Canada’s Coolest School Trip contest and encourage them to vote by holding a school presentation! This can be done in many different forms such as through a small presentation to individual classes, a large school assembly, or a maybe even a school activity demonstrating what you have done. Remember to let your fellow school mates know that they too could get the chance to participate in the contest next year!

Posters or Ads

Colourful, bright images always catch your attention, right? Why not catch the attention of your community and school by creating and hanging beautifully decorated posters asking people to check out your stewardship activity and vote! Keep in mind it might be a good idea to create a way for people to find about what you have done for your contest entry. Consider creating a website or getting help to create a YouTube video, or social media page. The possibilities are endless!

List of important dates to keep an eye out for:

  • Video Submission Deadline: February 26, 2018
  • Voting Period: March 5th to 21, 2018
    ** Remember: voters are required to register with their email address on the website. One vote per person, per calendar day in Eastern Standard Time. ANYONE IS ELIGIBLE TO VOTE! Learn more
  • Judging Panel: End of March
  • Announcement of winners: April
  • Grand Prize Trip: June 4 to 8, 2018

We would like to thank everyone for all of their hard work and passion during the past few months of your contest journey. Remember, making a difference is never wasted just because the contest entry is over, doesn’t mean your efforts have to stop. Continue the hard work and appreciate your success!