Gatineau Park


Borrow or use your cross-country skis.  Get up early, have a hardy breakfast and pack a lunch.  Hop in a car, pick up a partner and head towards Chelsea – a quaint town with nostalgic features.  Turn onto Old Chelsea Road, enter Gatineau Park and turn left onto Kinsmere.  Drive slow – the sun will be up, the snow gleaming and the wildlife watching.  Park near Black Lake.  Take out your skis and poles, clip your feet to the skis and inhale the cold air.  Smile.  Begin to travel.  You will pass Bourgeois Lake and head right on Lac-Fortune Parkway.  Your muscles will start to fatigue.  Slow down, breath in the cold air and look around.  Nature will be standing for you to observe.  Ski a little more passed Lake Fortune and stop – you can eat here. 

Enjoy the meal.  Smile and tell stories.  But do not wait too long.  You do not want fatigue to overcome your rush.  So: turn around and retrace your strides – because the day has shifted, the sun lower and it will all be new for you to see again.