Nahanni Park

Up for a fight in July?  Pack your bags and head west.  Not to Banff.  Not to Whistler.  Not to Jasper.  You are going to Nahanni.  And you are going to have an adventure.

You will fly into Fort Simpson.  There, you need to decide if you want to take it all on - four canyons and whirlpools named Hell’s Gate, Tricky Current and Lafferty’s Riffle – or ease into it and aim to come back for more.  No matter what you decide, your fitness will need to be exemplary – three to seven hours of paddling await you and your unit will be counting on you to keep up.  You will paddle and portage, nature watching your every move and ready to pounce if you disrespect it.  You will be like Brian Robeson in Hatchet, the only difference being your safety will be protected by seasoned guides.  So: are you up for it?  Because it is a gorgeous challenge.