The Outdoor Rink

The sun welcomes you; its rays highlight the markings from the past players.  Cold air fills your lungs.  You walk with a smile and head into a heated cabin.  Friends are waiting.  You sit, pick up on the conversation, laugh, slide on your blades and tighten your laces.  You lean back and think about your first move: triple-deke, maybe a toe-drag.  The tape on your twig is one game old and you press it back into your twig, trying to recycle the good fortune you had two days ago when two goals and an assist came easy.  “Let’s go,” someone says and you nod your head in approval, grab a puck from your bag and hold the door before stepping back into the cold, anxious to snipe, make the perfect pass and be the hero time and time again.  The rink is a gorgeous place and you take it over.