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Hey Canada’s Coolest School Trip contest participants!!! By now you have hopefully registered for this year’s contest and are starting to think of some AWESOME stewardship activities to do for a chance to win your class a 5-day, all-expenses-paid school trip to Parks Canada places in Ontario! We cannot wait to see the positive change you spread throughout your communities.

The My Parks Pass partners –The Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF), Canadian Geographic Education, Historica Canada, and Parks Canada – offer tons of nation-wide programs and activities to inspire your stewardship efforts as they value the importance of conservation of Canada’s most amazing places for the use and enjoyment of all. To help you get those creative juices flowing we have put together some examples of stewardship activities your class might want to think about. Remember, these are only suggestions and if you have other ideas in mind, go for it! Please also remember that you DO NOT have to undertake your stewardship activity at a Parks Canada place, you just have to be able to show some kind of meaningful connection between the activity your class has done and Parks Canada.

Bioblitz – A Bioblitz is a period of surveying a designated area to record all living species. This could be a great opportunity to get your class out exploring nature in your school yard while completing your stewardship activity. Learn more:

Hint : Many Parks Canada places across our beautiful country hold BioBlitz events throughout the year allowing them to collect invaluable data about the species that call these places home.

Bat House Program – Help conserve bats! White-nose syndrome has killed millions of bats across North America and pesticides, wind turbines and habitat loss haven’t helped the bat populations either. CWF’s Help the Bats Campaign ended on November 1st but it is never too late to help. Show us in advance how you are helping the bats for spring of 2018! Constructing your own bat houses or raising awareness to support these important little creatures are great steps in the right direction! Learn more:

Hint : Bats are sadly in need of our help all across Canada, including in our national parks. Many Parks Canada places are taking steps to help bat populations recover like conducting research, educating the public and watching out for these special furry winged friends.

National Wildlife Week and #NatureForAll – Canada can create a sense of wonder for people when immersed in nature. The goal of National Wildlife Week and the #NatureForAll movement is to encourage people to get outside and experience a sense of awe from nature. The official National Wildlife Week celebration of nature takes place in April, however classes wishing to participate can share their inspiring activities earlier. Be sure to check out the seven-day challenge with includes many little actions that can make a big difference for the environment. Learn more: and (English website only).

Hint: Consider visiting or learning more about Parks Canada places near you to find inspiration from nature’s beauty. A guided class or school walk in a local forest or conservation area is a great way to educate and inspire your peers to #ConserveTheWonder.

Reduce Plastic Pollution Campaign – Take action to reduce your plastic use and see the difference you can make! Today, our worldwide reliance on plastic is overwhelming our planet. By 2050, the oceans will contain more plastic than fish by weight! Learn more: .

Hint: Many Parks Canada places have set out to reduce plastic pollution in our national historic sites, national marine conversation areas, and national parks. A seemingly small positive change can lead to big results! A local plastic clean-up day, presentations to raise awareness or fundraising campaigns are some great ways your class can get involved today!

Leave No Trace – Explore Canada’s natural places, near or far, but remember to always be respectful, and minimize your impact. What can you and your classmates do to share this message, or how can you work to reverse what may have been done by others? Learn more: .

Hint : Leave no trace is a message communicated across Canada, and especially in Parks Canada places! Canada’s protected and special places would not be the same today if this principle wasn’t in place.

Archaeology Projects - By analyzing physical remains, features, structural remains and flora and fauna, archaeologists can learn a lot about the people and cultures they study. The more research they gather, the closer they come to uncovering history. Archaeological research can take place anywhere – an urbanized setting or a remote location, and sometimes they need our help!

Hint : National Historic Sites across Canada are dependent on the work of archeologists, past, present and future. Did you know you can also volunteer at Parks Canada places to help out an archeologist in many different ways?

For more information about the Canada’s Coolest School Trip contest and to learn how to enter, please visit our website at

Good luck!

The My Parks Pass Team