Today’s featured videos: “The Nahanni Valley” and “You Can Learn a Lot From National Parks”

Up next on our features series of videos which have made it to our Top 10 are two more great videos. The first, titled “The Nahanni Valley” comes from the grade 8 class at Silverspring School in Saskatoon. Their video tells the tale of the McLeod brothers and their experiences in the Nahanni Valley during the Yukon Gold Rush. Here is what they have to say about the story they chose to tell:

The story of the gold rush and the McLeod brothers is significant to the park because it was the gold that brought non-native people to the area now known as Nahanni National Park. The park is not a place that is accessible to many people because of its ruggedness and relative remoteness; therefore, it remains a mystery to many. We felt the story of the McLeod brothers, and the others who died during the gold rush, adds to the mystery of the park. It also says that the park is a place where one needs to venture respectfully—respecting the land and the power of nature. We knew nothing about Nahanni National Park prior to working on this project. It was the story of the McLeod brothers that intrigued us enough to use it as a subject for our video and, thus, learn more about this area of Canada. We think that similar to us, others are drawn to the park because of the story of the McLeod brothers. From writing the music and script, creating costumes, filming, recording and editing, we enjoyed making use of all the talent in our classroom to produce this video and learn about this amazing place.

Watch their video here:

The second video featured today comes from Creemore, ON. The 8th grade students at Nottawasaga and Creemore Public School created a video titled “You Can Learn a Lot From National Parks” and talks about several national parks rather than focusing on one in particular. The students explain in their own words why they chose the significant moments they have included in the video:

These moments are significant because they show the interaction that happened at the park, which will show students how much fun they really are. These moments will encourage children to visit the national parks, and experience all that they have to offer.

Have a look at their video:

Only two more videos left to feature on the blog – then the official announcement of the winning class next week! Come back to the blog at the end of the week to read about the final two of the Top 10 videos, then hold your breath as we wait to announce the winner!