Today’s featured videos: “A Window Into Ukkusiksalik National Park” and “Dawson City Historical Complex”

This week, the two videos we’ll be featuring from the Top 10 are about two Parks Canada sites that are pretty far removed from most of the country’s population – the first is about a national park in Nunavut and the second is about a national historic site in the Yukon.

Created by the grade 8 class at Tursavik School in Repulse Bay, NU, the first featured video today is about Ukkusiksalik National Park, and is aptly named “A Window Into Ukkusiksalik National Park.” The students tell the story of the land’s history and the culture that has played such a large role in the creation and development of the park. Here is what they have to say about their video:

Our video, Ukkusiksalik National Park, tries to show the way our ancestors lived for centuries around Wager Bay.  When making the video, we practiced Piliqatigiingniq, cooperation and working together for a common goal. This is a principle our ancestors lived by to survive in the harshest climate in Canada.  Our elders, David and Mary Tuktudjuk, who were guides in this area for many years, shared stories in Inuktitut.  Then, our class wrote their understanding of the stories in English for the video narration. Two students from our class built the igloo and three others videotaped in -35C weather.  Two girls did throat singing while another student was drum dancing.  An elder, Elizabeth, who grew up in Wager Bay, did the Ajaa Jaa singing.  Another student edited over two hours of video into a three minute video by matching sections of video to the narration parts on hunting, cooking, sewing, games, building igloos, and fur trading. Besides learning how to work with frozen batteries and cold hands, we developed new skills while remembering old traditions. 

If you haven’t already seen it (or if you have seen it, loved it and want to see it again) watch it here:

The second featured video is from a class much further south – the grade 8 class at Lakefield Intermediate School in Lakefield, ON, has made it into the Top 10 with their video entitled “Dawson City Historical Complex.” In their video, the students tell the tale of the famed Dawson Gold Rush of the late 1800s that brought tens of thousands of people to Canada’s northern territories in search of gold, most of whom (unfortunately) went home empty handed.

Check out their video here:

That’s six videos down, four to go! Be sure to come back to the blog in the next couple of days to see which of the Top 10 we’ll be featuring next, and tune in next week for the official announcement of the winning class.