Today’s featured videos: “More Than Just a Walk in the Park” and “Torngat Mountains National Park”

Today, the videos we’ll be featuring come from grade 8 classes in different parts of Newfoundland and Labrador.

 The first grade 8 class, from Holy Cross School in Eastport, chose Terra Nova National Park as the topic for their video.  Here is what they have to say about the history and importance of the park:

Today the Eastport Peninsula is lucky enough to be located only 20km from Terra Nova National Park. Years before the Park opened many of the families would spend the winters in the park area cutting wood, hunting, etc. Many commercial sawmills were in operation there.

Now the Park protects the areas in which our ancestors lived, there is even a grave yard still standing there. The park is a very special part of our children's lives. They grow up going to the park and now the can visit the park to see artifacts, etc. which are still there today. Our school is fortunate and benefit greatly from Terra Nova National Park and the wonderful employees who love to help and offer opportunities to our students.

To learn about the park from the perspective of these students, watch their video:

The second video featured today comes from much further north in Newfoundland and Labrador, from a grade 8 class at Jens Haven Memorial School in the remote town of Nain. These students made their video about the nearby Torngat Mountains National Park, and they wanted to show how important this park is in both the cultural and natural landscape of Canada. In their own words, the students express why they chose this topic for their video:

The Creation of the park itself is a significant moment in Canada, showing the change in our nation towards multiculturalism and acceptance.

To see how they have brought this message to life on film, check out their video:

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