Today’s featured videos: “Tale of the Dawson Gold Rush” and “The Story of Grey Owl”

Last week, we announced the Top 10 videos which received the most votes from people across the country looking to help one lucky class win the trip of a lifetime to Banff National Park. In case you missed it, check out the list here. Each of these 10 videos, all original creations of grade 8 / secondaire II classes, are incredibly well done and each unique in their own way.

The first video in the Top 10 that we have chosen to feature is called Tale of the Dawson Gold Rush, and it comes from the tiny village of Edam in Saskatchewan from the grade 8 class at H. Hardcastle School. Here is what the students have to say about their video:

The Klondike Gold Rush put Dawson on the map. In many respects it put Canada on the map. The majority of the gold miners were not from Canada. It was the gold that brought them here. They had no idea how difficult the trip to Dawson City would be. Most were unprepared for the harshness and the extremes of the weather in Canada’s north. Dawson grew from a small community to a city so fast. Most of the miners did not strike it rich. When the rush was over, the people left just as quickly. The legends and stories of that time still live on today. It sparks the imagination. A great tourist industry rose out of the gold rush making the economy of the area largely still based on gold.

Our video: We were involved in a unit called “Adventure and Adventurers” in our English Language Arts class. We read a story about the Klondike Gold Rush. This lead into poems by Robert Service. It was at this time that we learned about “Canada’s Coolest School Trip!” contest. We wrote a poem in the style of Robert Service for the contest. We filmed at three different sites. Our music, “Original Rags”, was written by Scott Joplin. We had a great time making the video. Our class hopes that you enjoy it and learn something about Dawson.

Here is their finished product :


The second video comes from a small community in Saskatoon, and is called The Story of Grey Owl. This video was created by the grade 8 students at King George Community School, and this is what they have to say about their story:

Our video about Archie Belaney (Grey Owl) is important because it will remind people how he saved the beavers. He became famous because he wrote books about how he stopped trapping. Anahareo and their adopted beavers inspired him to write books. If he hadn't done this there would probably be no beavers left in Northern Canada or in the Prince Albert National Park. Without the beavers, lots of other animals would probably die out too. We learned that Archie Belaney had problems and did some bad stuff, but he still changed his ways and made other people change too. We did research and wrote essays about Grey Owl to get ready for this video. We learned that it was important when he decided to stop trapping and write books instead. We tried to show how this happened.

The beaver that came to visit us while we were filming, reminded us how important it was that Grey Owl made people want to protect beavers and the wilderness. If Grey Owl hadn't changed people like he did, we probably wouldn't have seen that beaver. We also might not have seen any deer or bears at the Prince Albert National Park when we went there last year. Because if there weren't any beavers, lots of other animals would die off too. That's why we think this moment is significant.

Check out the final video here:


We hope you’ve enjoyed these two videos as much as we have! Come back to the blog later this week to catch the next two featured Top 10 videos, and revisit the Video Gallery to watch all of the other incredible videos which were submitted to the Canada’s Coolest School Trip contest.