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Capture Your Heritage: Site Visits

Here's the third episode of the Capture Your Heritage Series! If you're still looking for help creating a video for the Canada's Coolest School Trip contest, check out the featured site of the week for video topic ideas, or visit a Parks Canada site in your city to find out more about what makes it significant.

Coolest School Trip spotlight: La Mauricie National Park

If you had a time machine and decided to travel to Québec 500 million years in the past, you might think you had made a severe miscalculation upon stepping out and seeing the landscape. Sure, time machines can be complicated and there is a lot that can go wrong when travelling so far back into the past, but you’re a time travelling pro and you’ve mastered the controls of your time machine. So why does it look like you’ve landed yourself somewhere in the Himalayas? Well, here’s a bit of good news for you – your time machine isn’t broken!

Capture Your Heritage: Finding Your Inspiration

Check out Episode 2 of the Capture Your Heritage video series!


Coolest School Trip Spotlight: Fathom Five National Marine Park

We hope you’re all excited about Canada’s Coolest School Trip – we certainly are! Whether you’ve already begun working on your video or are just getting started thinking about a topic, we’re here to help you out. This week in our featured park series, get ready for an underwater adventure – grab your snorkels and flippers and get ready to take the plunge as we head to Southern Ontario to Canada’s very first national marine conservation area, Fathom Five National Marine Park!

Capture Your Heritage: Getting Started

Hey everyone - check out this video from the My Parks Pass team to help get you started on your contest ideas! Be sure to revisit to the blog over the coming weeks to follow us as we embark on our own journey of recreating a significant Canadian moment related to a national park, national historic site or national marine conservation area.

Coolest School Trip Spotlight: Fort Langley National Historic Site

There are just over two months left to get in your Canada’s Coolest School Trip videos. Still thinking about what topic to choose for your submission? We’re digging deep into Canada’s rich natural and cultural history to help you out with a new feature each week on a different national park, national historic site or national marine conservation area. Last week, we learned how Banff National Park came to be the very first national park in the country.

Coolest School Trip Spotlight: Banff National Park

Following the official launch of the Canada’s Coolest School Trip contest, we’ve decided to help you out with some ideas for your videos! Once a week, we will be featuring a profile of a different national park, national historic site or national marine conservation area to not only highlight some of the amazing natural and historic sites that you can visit using your pass, but to also give you suggestions of some significant moments related to each site that you are welcome to use for your video submission.

Student Flash Mob a Success!

If you missed out on the My Parks Pass flash mob event in downtown Toronto earlier this week, don’t worry – we’ve got the scoop!

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