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Which animal's tongue is larger than an entire elephant? This and other mysteries are what motivate the folks at Nature Canada to celebrate and protect nature every day.


Why protect nature?

  • Because Canada has a whopping 70,000 plant and animal species, and we think every one of them is special, from the mighty Polar Bear to the lowly Ord's Kangaroo Rat (we even think black flies are pretty important!).
  • Because a healthy natural environment is something we all need. Our ecosystems give us drinkable water, clean air, and fertile soils to grow food. Nature provides medicines, building materials and jobs for thousands of people.
  • Because nature is fun! Take your pick of hiking, canoeing, camping, skiing, climbing trees or diving in lakes. There are countless ways experiencing nature can be exciting, healthy and memorable. 

Nature Canada believes that when you connect with nature, it can lead to a lifelong appreciation of the living world around you.

That's why we've created the Nature Explorers program, where you can get great ideas for things to do in nature such as planting your own butterfly garden, making your backyard bird friendly or watching for different frog species. Upload photos and stories to share your experiences with others, and share your opinions through surveys and polls. We want to hear from you! Start exploring at

Nature Canada works with more than 100,000 youth, parents, volunteers, community groups and others who care about nature in every province and territory. If you'd like more information about how you can celebrate and protect nature, visit our web site at

And if you knew that a Blue Whale's tongue is larger than an entire elephant, congratulations! You're already well on your way to becoming a nature explorer.