Fort Langley

Fort Langley

At Fort Langley National Historic Site, visit the place where 150 years ago the Hudson Bay Company set up its first West Coast fur trading post. Through costumed interpreters, experience early enterprise in action: First Nations people living and trading with workers from places as far away as Quebec, Scotland and Hawaii.


Experience Early Enterprise Through Costumed Interpreters

Imagine traveling all the way across the country, over the prairies, up through the Rockies and into British Columbia long before any of it was actually called Canada. Nearly 200 years ago, The Hudson's Bay Company sought to trade with the First Nations people of the Pacific North West. It was wild country, full of fur-bearing animals whose pelts were so valuable. And gold! Be a trader for a day and learn to distinguish the variety of furs that the aboriginal peoples brought to trade. Dress up in 19th century clothing and pan for gold.

How much time will I need?

  • A couple of hours

Do I need any special equipment or gear? What else should I bring?

  • No special equipment is needed, just bring a lunch to have a picnic and don't forget your camera. There is also a cafe that is open all day.

Is this activity free?

  • Yes

When's the best time to do this?

  • Daytime from late June to early September


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