Fort Wellington

Fort Wellington

Attention soldier! Enlist for the day as an 1840s British soldier at Fort Wellington National Historic Site (Tuesdays in the summer). March alongside a costumed guide as you experience the fort's rich history (Saturdays and Sundays in the summer). Period refreshments are served inside the walls of the fort.


Enlist as an 1840s British Soldier for a Day

Now you can enlist in the British Army and do your part to defend our shores – if only for a day. Put on your uniform and learn to fire a cannon or try your hand at cooking over an open fire – 1840s-style. But it's not all work as you'll find out when you take part in their traditional games and crafts. (Tuesdays in the summer)

Fort Wellington in the 1840s was an important defense against rebellious colonists who fled to the United States and found support for their cause. The fort was never attacked but a big battle was fought down the river and the soldiers succeeded in driving the rebels off.

How much time will I need?

  • A day

Do I need any special equipment or gear? What else should I bring?

  • No special equipment is needed; just make sure to bring your camera.

Is this activity free?

  • No, there is an additional cost to participate

When's the best time to do this?

  • The Fort Kids program runs on Tuesdays from July 12 - August 16. Check directly with the site for details.


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