Treasure hunters, listen up! Think you're skilled enough to earn an exclusive Fundy National Park Geocoin? Finding five geocaches is all you need to get to enjoy the rewards - fresh air, exploring cool new places and, of course, the thrill of the hunt!



Geocaching is treasure hunting fun for the whole family. There are over 1 million geocaches in the world – boxes hidden in intriguing places and located by GPS coordinates. It's fun, it's free and you don't even need your own GPS because you can rent one. Some smartphones are also equipped with GPS. Please note that only a limited number of GPS units are available to rent at the park.

GPS stands for "Global Positioning System" that uses orbiting satellites to provide the exact coordinates for any location on earth. Once you know where you are and where you're going, you can search for the cache. You'll be looking for hidden containers that hold objects you'll need to complete your quest.

Before you go, here's what you need to know:

  • Join (for free) (the official global GPS cache hunt website).
  • Enter the cache coordinates into your GPS unit.
  • Print the Fundy Geocaching Passport from the website.
  • Find each cache in the park (please stay ON the trails).
  • Punch your passport with the different punch enclosed in each cache.
  • Bring your completed passport to the Fundy Guild, located in the park Visitor Centre to receive your Fundy Geocoin.

Fundy National Park's geocaches and the Fundy Geocoin are part of the Fundy EcoIntegrity Project which will create different ways for visitors to experience and connect with the nature of Fundy. While you're searching for the geocaches, be mindful of the environment and take care not to disturb anything. And always return the geocaches to their original hiding place for the next searcher to find.

How much time will I need?

  • A day. It takes about 5-6 hours to find the minimum of 5 caches to earn your Geocoin. There are a total of 15 geocaches in the park.

Do I need any special equipment or gear? What else should I bring?

  • You can bring your own GPS unit, or you can to rent one from the Fundy Guild located in the visitor centre. You should also bring proper clothing, footwear, map of park, extra batteries, cell phone, water, snack, camera and a whistle.

Is this activity free?

  • Yes, but there is a cost if you need to rent a GPS unit.

When's the best time to do this?

  • The trails are open during the day from May-October.


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