Riding Mountain

Riding Mountain

Talk about high drama. Follow the landscape of the Manitoba Escarpment high above the Prairies as you hike along in Riding Mountain National Park. Listen carefully and you may hear an elk "bugle" for a mate during the fall mating season.



Where can you see a herd of bison up close or maybe a black bear? How about some wolves, or moose and hundreds of species of birds? It's all at Riding Mountain on Manitoba's Escarpment.

There are lakes for boating and swimming, gorgeous gorges with spectacular views. There's even Grey Owl's Cabin, once home to one of the first conservationists in our country. You can hike over 150 million years of geological history while looking for rare wildlife around every corner.

How much time will I need?

  • A day or more

Do I need any special equipment or gear? What else should I bring?

  • Make sure to bring water, a snack, bug spray, proper clothing and footwear. If you plan to hike overnight make sure to pack camping equipment.

Is this activity free?

  • Yes, day hiking is included in admission. For overnight hiking you will need to purchase a back country pass.

When's the best time to do this?

  • Mid-May to early September


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